Taylor Law Group, P.C. provides professional legal advice and services including:

Criminal and Civil Cases

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense or DUI, you need the help of an aggressive Los Angeles criminal
defense attorney who will fight for the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Taylor Law Group is a firm that is
experienced in criminal defense law. Paul N. Taylor has been practicing law since 1998 and has developed formidable skills in
the areas of investigation, negotiation, and defense. We are available to provide you with tenacious, accurate and dedicated

Don't Plead Guilty

Once you plead guilty or no contest, you are out of options. Get your case evaluated before making a decision that could
heavily impact your life and future across the boards. It is critical that you get a case review before making the decision to
plead guilty. Plead not guilty and speak to our firm.

DUI - The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol vary depending on factors such as your intoxication level, and
the number of times (if any) that you have been previously convicted of DUI. Penalties may include probation, community
service, monetary fines, license suspension/revocation, mandatory alcohol and drug education programs, and time spent in
jail or prison.

Criminal Law - We uphold and defend clients for the rights of the United States Constitution.

We will handle the legal process from start to finish for our clients that involve any criminal matter including felony's,
misdemeanors, DUI's, warrants, criminal investigations and related offenses.

We appear regularly in the California Court of Appeal, California Supreme Court, United States District Court, and the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals.

Civil Law

Tort and Condemnation
- defends individuals in lawsuits involved in personal injuries or property damage.

Employment, Regulation and Administration - represents individuals in matters such as the revocation and suspension of
drivers’ licenses and law enforcement issues. We also defend employees in major employment litigation.

Licensing - represents individuals in defense of licensing boards, bureaus and commissions in both administrative and trial
court proceedings that try to deny, revoke or suspend licenses in cases brought against state-licensed professionals such as
contractors, accountants, auto repair and pest control firms.

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